Farm news, June 20

We will have the following veggies this week:

lettuce mix, spinach, radish, turnip, bok choi, pea shoots, broccoli, chard, kale, arugula and mizuna.

On the farm this week:

We’ve got warm weather now and things are starting to grow fast.  We’ve got lots of zucchinis flowering, so it shouldn’t be more than a couple weeks till everyone sick of zucchinnis.


You can see how windy it was today in this picture; lots of things were blowing away.  The amazing thing is that Shengangs very large hat didn’t blow away!  (Shengangs standing about a mile away in this picture if you want to get an idea of how big his hat is).  Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen his hat come off under any circumstance. So, the only conclusion I can draw is that he must have gotten a hat that was too small and now it’s stuck on his head permanently.

I also can’t believe how often it keeps raining.  It was finally starting to dry out last week and we were looking forward to a full day of weeding friday, but as soon as everyone showed up it started raining.  So we kind of scratched our armpits for a while until everyone decided to go home and then as soon as they left it stopped raining and the sun came out.   I guess if I had a sense of humour I’d find that funny.  Hopefully we can work twice as fast this friday and catch up with the weeds!



That’s it for this week.

See you soon,

Jonathan, Nicole, Shengang, Kristine