Farm News June 27/2022

We’ll have the following veggies for CSA this week (subject to change):

Full share: lettuce mix (450g), spinach (225g), sugar snap peas(450g), choose one: arugula/mustard mix/pea shoots/kale, choose one: broccolini/2 x kohlrabi/beets, choose one: radish/turnip, choose one: dill/cilantro/green onion/parsley, Choose one: Bok choi/chinese cabbage/head lettuce/chard,

Half share: lettuce mix (225g), spinach (150g), sugar snap peas (225g), choose one: arugula/mustard mix/pea shoots/kale, choose one: dill, cilantro, parsley, green onion, choose one: 2x kohlrabi/broccoli/broccolini, choose one: bok choi/chinese cabbage/head lettuce/chard

A lot of people guessed the new vegetable this week: Kohlrabi! and people responded with a bizzare amount of ecstasy in anticipation of this unusual vegetable.

We’re coming to the end of our time with bok choi, arugula, radish, turnip as we transition to broccoli, peas, and the bulbous protrusion in the spinach family which onne person even guessed correctly! But I”ll give everyone else an extra week to guess.

To mix it up with the bok choi you can choose Chinese cabbage which I also love. It’s good stir fried but also makes great ceaser salads or oriental salads.

On the farm this weeK:

Also ready this week are peas! They are both the worlds most time consuming vegetable to harvest and least time consuming vegetable to eat. We actually transplanted all these peas this year. I usually seed them around April 23, but since there was still 8 feet of snow on the ground at that time, I thought the only way we’d have peas close to when I want them is if we start them in the greenhouse transplant them. Except I didn’t want them until next week. so now they’re actually a week earlier than I had planned.

We also have a new friend at the farm. This goose just likes to sit in the middle of the vegetables and watch us work. Every year for the last few years birds have been making themselves at home in our cabbages – and it’s been in the cabbages every time! Well, this time he was about 5 feet from the cabbages. I thought he must be lost, but then 5 minutes after I took this picture he got up and wandered over into the cabbages and dissappeared.

I first started farming on a strawberry farm where the owners used geese for weed control of their strawberries because the geese ate everything but strawberries. That made me think I should be nervous about geese eating the garden, but for some reason, Canada geese love to hang out in the garden but never eat anything. I’ve found the same with jack rabbits : I see them in the garden all time, but they don’t ever eat anything. I’ve also seen a deer a couple times. Someone nearby must have a way nicer garden if even the deer don’t want to eat here.

Also, the wolseley farmers market has asked me to include a brief message highlighting some of the vendors each week:

‘Make sure you check out all our vendor’s products at tomorrow’s market, here are a few highlights:Fresh made and delicious flavoured Tiramisu by Dalton’s Tiramisu.Reusable beeswax food wraps from Leabee Wraps to keep your food fresh.Fresh, locally roasted organic coffee from Apple Blossom Farms’

Well that’s it for this week,

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Sandra, Tessa and Morgan

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  1. Roberta Wiebe

    My guess for the “bulbous protrusion” is broccoli or cauliflower?

    1. jstevens

      Good guess but it was kohlrabi!

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