Farm News, Aug 15/2022

We’ll have the following veggies for csa this week:

Lettuce, chard, kale, potato, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, beans, broccoli, carrots, beets, onion, dill, cilantro, parlsley, basil, green onion

On the farm this week:

We’ll we’ve had no rain in a month now and so last week we were watering every day and have got about 2/3 of the garden watered now. Today was a great day for watering because it’s been overcast so we’ve been able to water all day. Last week was hot and sunny that we only watered in the morning.

On Friday we brought all of our yellow and sweet onions into the greenhouse to start drying. We still have to harvest the red onions but are going to leave them for another week or two. It was just Irina and Morgan doing all the onions on , but thankfully we had the help of four women from Iraq that used to be farmers. When I went and asked Irina how it was going she looked horrified and I was expecting bad news, but she said ‘oh my god they are so fast’! Here’s our greenhouse now full of onions and garlic. It smells really good (or bad depending on your preference) in here!

I also attended my first far, auction ever. It was online though, so I didn’t actually attend. I’m not sure I understand how auctions work though, because I went to buy a potato planter and when it was over I got an invoice for this tractor. Despite what people think, I didn’t buy it because it was cute! This is a tractor for weeding. I spend most of my time during the year thinking: ‘how can we cut down on weeding’. If you ever see me at the market staring off into space while the bins are needing to be refilled, it’s probably because that’s what I’m thinking about. So next time I’m at the market you can tell me to stop thinking about weeding and refill the bins. I’m hoping before the year is over to set this up with some hoe’s and start trying it out. I first have to figure out how to make straight and parallel rows which I have not yet done successfully ever. So I have some challenges ahead!

That’s it for this week.

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Sandra, Tessa, Morgan, Dylan and Michelle

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  1. The Old Man

    You write the most funny and entertaining newsletters. So proud and happy to have you for my son.

    1. jstevens

      Thank you dad!

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