To sign up for our Winter CSA and/or the summer extension, please click on the ‘Winter CSA Sign up form’ below.  Spots are limited and your spot will be held once payment is received.

Winter CSA/Extension Sign up form

Winter CSA:

Our winter CSA runs for 4 months – November to February. The pick ups are once a month on the first Monday of each month from 12 pm – 7 pm at Torque brewing at 330-830 King Edward St.  For the 2020 Winter CSA pick ups face masks will be mandatory.

 The cost is $165 for 100 lb of veggies.  So on average it works out to 25 lb of veggies/month, but you can pick up any amount you like each month until your 100 lbs are used up.  For example you could take 25lb/month, or 50 lb a month for 2 months – the possibilites are endless!  For veggie selection you can take however much of whatever veggie’s you’d like.  For example you could take all 100 lb of carrots if that’s what you wanted.  

The veggies that we’ll have for the winter CSA are: onions, potatos, carrots, beets, cabbage, winter squash (buttnernut, acorn, spaghetti, kobucha, hubbard delicata), celeriac, radish, turnip. 

I don’t gaurantee that all the different veggies will last until the end.  We’ve got lots of the popular veggies (carrots, potatos, onions,) so we shouldn’t run out of those, but will probably run out of radish, turnips, kohlrabi and celeriac before 4 months are over.  We usually run out of cabbage and squash by the 3rd pick up, though we planted more of those this year, so we’ll see if they last.  

The Winter CSA pick up schedule for the2020/2021  is as follows:

  • Monday Nov 9
  • Monday Dec 7
  • Monday Jan 4
  • Monday Feb 1

All pick ups are from 12 -7 pm at Torque Brewing.  


CSA extension
This is a 2 week extension of the summer csa. It will be on Tuesdays only and will be one size half way between full share and half share and will cost $50 for 2 weeks. The pick ups will be on Tuesday Oct 13 and Oct 20 at our usual from 3:00 – 6:30 pm

See you at the next pick up