Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a model of food distribution that creates a personal connection between the customer and the farmer. Instead of purchasing vegetables from a store, you hire a farmer to grow your vegetables for you. In the winter/spring you purchase a share from the farm, and during the summer and fall you receive weekly selection of fresh vegetables.
Pre-purchasing your vegetables supports local farming by creating a dependable market to plan for. You are also sharing in the risk of farming: depending on the year, some crops might not do as well as others.

You receive %15-20 more vegetables than non-members. Our members rave about the time they save and the convenience of just picking up their vegetables and going on their way. Members also get first pick of fresh, new vegetables not available to the public yet.

Sign up as soon as possible as spots are limited. We are typically sold out every season. 

CSA members help the sustainability of local farmers and clean farming practices. Due to unforeseen weather catastrophes, we can’t guarantee bountiful harvests if you buy a share into our farm but our members typically save more time and money by going directly to the farmer instead of going through an organic retailer. 

payment questions

Yes, you can send a check to:

Jonathan’s Farm Ltd, 700 McPhillips Rd, St. Andrews, MB R1A 3H2. 

Yes, you can pay a $50 deposit and then provide 2 post dated checks for the remaining 50% of your share. Please date the checks for May 1 and June 1. 

We are very flexible, feel free to give me a message by filling out a form below.

Please provide 2 weeks if you want to switch between half shares and full shares. Please fill out the form below. 

pick up questions

You can pick up your Summer CSA at either @ Robert A Steen Community center located at 980 Palmerston Avenue or at the farm located at 700 Mcphillips Road. 

Please Note: If you choose to pick up at the farm, we will select the veggies for you.

You can pick at the Wolsely Farmer’s Market from 3:00 to 7:00.

You can pick up at the farm from 2pm to 9 pm.


If you ordered 1/2 shares, the pick up will begin  on June 13.

If you ordered FULL shares, the pick up will begin June 11.

If you ordered 1/2 shares, the season will end September 10 for the 15 week run

If you ordered full shares, the season will end September 8 for the 15 week run.

If you ordered 1/2 shares, the extension will end October 10 for the 18 week run

If you ordered full shares, the season will end October  8 for the 18 week run.

Picking up at the market allows you to pick the veggies yourself. If you decide to pick up at the farm, we will pick the veggies for you. 


Our winter CSA runs for 4 months – November to February. The pick ups are once a month on the first Monday of each month. The pick ups are once a month on the first Monday of each month. Currently, you can pick up the winter CSA @ Whole Touch Wellness at 364 Stafford St Winnipeg MB R3M 2W4

The pick up schedule IS from 12PM- 7PM for the 2019/2020 Winter CSA is as follows:

  • Monday Nov 4
  • Monday Dec 2
  • Monday Jan 6
  • Monday Feb 3

The cost is $160 and you will receive 100 lb of vegetables. The veggies we will have to choose from will be: potatos, carrots, onions, beets, winter radish, turnip, cabbage, kohlrabi, celeriac and winter squash. 

vegetable questions

We do not use dangerous pesticides, herbicides or any genetically modified foods. In order to stay competitive we chose not to pursue organic auditing and certification so we can pass the savings on to you!

Join our newsletter for new possible new veggies and crops. Our CSA members get priority over the general public. 

We are not a U-Pick farm. Our expert staff picks the highest grade vegetables for you to pick at the farmers market.