Farm news, July 22

This week we will have the following veggies:

Lettuce, kale, chard, carrots, beets, dill, cilantro, parsley, broccoli, zucchini, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, arugula and scallions.


On the Farm this week:


July 22 is now officially the first day of summer.  It’s hot(finally)!  Why can’t it ever just be perfect?  But things are growing fast again.  The corn is tassled, we’re picking a few cucumbers every day and the replantings of some of things we lost in the flood are growing fast.




We’ve caught up on planting now, and you can see all the fall carrots germinating if you look closeley.  Now we just have to catch up on weeding!  We’re still short handed but are making it by with odd help each day.

In the middle of the carrots below is our first planting of lettuce that hasn’t bolted yet!  I”m pretty sure that’s a new world record.   My goal is to make this lettuce last until November.



That’s it for this week.

Jonathan and Nicole.