Farm News, July 02/2018

We’ll have the following veggies this week:

lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, bok choi, radish, turnip, beets, zukini, peas, scallions, basil, dill, cilantro and parsley, and coming soon….

On the farm this week:

We got our third and fourth rain of they year this week!  I guess we were lucky too because not far from us in Clandeboye I’m told they got 3″.  So far it’s been a pretty good year for rain.   I also haven’t mentioned our volunteer Amelia who does Mandalas and did one on the farm for us to bring us a good year. Lance pointed out today that it was after she did her Mandala that it started raining.   What’s a Mandala?  I don’t remember all the details, but Amelia will be doing the CSA pick ups from time to time if you ever want to ask her about them.   Here’s where it was that is now just seeded to carrots – hopefully extra good ones!


A lot of people told me it was a killdeer and not a baby chicken that made it’s nest in the cabbage.   I was not expecting people to know their birds so well – I’m going to have to plant more kohlrabi!  Also, Lance wasn’t in the loop about the kohrlabi last week, so if you guessed it he’ll throw you one this week.  The eggs are still there, but look how much the cabbage has grown already from last week!.  I hope those chickens like cabbage when they hatch.  Or wait, no I hope they don’t like cabbage.

I also feel like I’ve experienced a miracle this summer.   I have a crazy allergy to grass pollen that’s been getting worse every year and upto last year I’d been taking too much benadryl and asthma inhalers to get through every day.   This year I suddenly have no allergies!  I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but it’s July now so I think I might be cured! I don’t know what’s changed but the only thing that comes to mind is last year I tried eating less carbs and more protein  and lost 25 lbs.  Could that be it?  All I know is that no allergies is amazing.  Here I am cautiously flirting with my enemy!

We were rejoined by Irina today. She missed us so much (how could she not) she decided to come back for round 3 and we missed her too!  She’ll be at the CSA pick up tomorrow so you can say hello.

And finally Zukinis are now in season – we picked 250 lb just this weekend and I’m not gonna lie,  picking that much zucchini scared me quite a bit!  Not having enough of something is scary but picking that much zucchini in just one of 4 weekly picking days is almost as scary!  But I’m feeling relieved that today there was only 50 lb.  But then I switched back to worrying about how much we’d have for Thursday if we only get 50 lb the next couple pickings…..    I’d love to hear some of your favorite zucchini recipes to put up on the blog.  Here’s Lance and Renae picking away.

That’s it for this week,

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Lance, Irina and Renae,