Farm news week 16

This week CSA veggie choices will be:

lettuce, spinach, broccoli, celery, kohlrabi, winter squash (acorn, butternut or spaghetti), Brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, dill, parsley, cilantro, scallions, tomatoes and peppers.

There will be some ripe tomatoes (but not lots), which were donated by Nicoles Mom from her garden a mile away.

This week on the farm:

We had a pretty cold week and a few more frosts – so summer vegetables are officially done.  The frosts make everything sweeter as the vegetables start to produce antifreeze by converting starch to sugar.  So it’s a good time to start eating brussel sprouts!

The farm day was nice, though it was small.  As always the chickens came to visit, and this patient chicken ended up getting cuddled for an hour straight.

This is also Kitana’s last week at the farm.  Next week she’ll be in a warm bed in a heated house.  Kitana will still be coming by the market to help out though for the next couple weeks.

This week at the market:

We are changing the hours to 4-7  this week because it’s getting dark.  So make sure you get there by 7 to pick up your vegetables, because at 7 we will start packing up.  There will also be less vendors as a number of vendors have run out of things.  We will still be there right till the end of the season though!