Farm news, July 19/2021

We’ll have the following veggies this week:

lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, carrots, beets, radish, turnips, zucchini, cucumber, broccoli, broccolini, cabbage, peppers, kohlrabi, dill, cilantro, parsley, green onion and garlic scapes.

Garlic scapes can be used just like garlic in your cooking and they also make great pesto, are good pickled or bbqe’d.

On the farm this week:

We start work at 6 am and this morning it started pouring rain at 5:55 and then abruptly stopped at 6:00. That was the most emotionally confusing 5 minutes of my life. I definitely wanted it to keep raining, I also definitely wanted it to stop. In the end it stopped and the amount of rain we got was insignificant, but I think everyone was pretty relieved to not work in the pouring rain. But the overcast day today made it useful to run the sprinklers all day and we actually managed to get the ground wet and it was a beutiful. So I’m happy with that

We’re also starting to harvest cucumbers now. We had to replant our entire cucumber filed this spring because they were all killed. Hannah thought it was a these squirrle like things that live on the farm(I’m blanking on the actual name of it). She said she kept seeing it run into the field under the fabric and running out with green things in it’s mouth. I think it was that wind. Because the spring was WINDY and our plants were quite big and not well hardened off when we planted them. Whatever killed them, we have them now and they’re just starting to produce, so there’ll be much more in subsequent weeks.

And even though Hannah accused these squirrel things of eating all our cucumber plants, she decided to rescue one of the babies and nurse it back to life. She found this baby in a puddle of water in our greenhouse (they also made a nest in our greenhouse and suspiciously it looked like a nest made out of cucumber plants…). But Hannah rescued it from the puddle made a little nest for it of grass and put it in a box where it lay hardly moving all day but then by the end of the day she took it to an animal shelter it was up and running around. If you know the name of this squirrel like animal you win a free cucumber

And finally, we’re starting cabbage this week and it’s making me realize how much we need to water. Cabbage is something I usually try to avoid watering so that it doesn’t get too big. But it’s not that big yet, so last week I moved a bunch of spinkler lines onto the cabbage and it grew a lot in just a few days so it will hopefully keep getting bigger. Here’s Kaitlyn in the cabbages

That’s it for this week.

See you soon,

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Hannah, Kaitlyn, Sarah, Ronald.