Farm news, July 01/2019

We will have the following veggies this week for CSA:

lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, broccoli, broccolini, zucchini, bok choi, beets, arugula, mustard greens, radish, turnip, dill, cilantro, parsley and green onions.

On the farm this week:

It’s our last week with our two Awesome volunteers Luke and Rachel.   We are going to work them extra hard this week so that they’re too tired to even drive and will be stuck here.  Here they are planting broccoli.  This year I bought a water wheel transplanter which we used a lot in the spring for planting.  I used to think a transplanter wouldn’t be worth it for the scale that I plant, but 9 years of bending over has started making me see a lot of things differently! The water wheel pokes holes, fills them with water while 2 people sit on the back and push the plant in the hole.    No backs got sore planting broccoli today and it got done fast. I don’t have a creeper gear on the tractor so they had no choice but to plant faster than they’ve ever planted in their life and they kept up the whole time!

I was happy to find mushrooms growing in the turnips today.  Mushrooms are an indicator of a healthy soil with lots of microbes.  I heard mushrooms are good for you so I ate a couple but I don’t know what kind they were.  Shortly after some purple unicorns ran through the field which was really weird.  If anyone knows what kind of mushrooms these are they win a free bunch of beets. ( I just realized I haven’t had any skill testing questions yet this year).  We are onto our second planting of radish, turnips and arugula now so they’re  nice and young again.

I’m guessing it was hot the last couple days  because we went from having 0 zucchini to picking 300 lb in 2 days.   Zucchini cake season!  Also whoever can make the best zucchini cake will win 10 lb of free zucchini ( I’ll have to judge the cakes though).

We may or may not start peas this week.  We started picking them today but they seem like they need another couple days yet….Sooo close.  But if there aren’t many peas that means you can spend more time enjoying the beets this week 🙂 .

And finally Friday was a weeding Marathon.  We managed to hoe all the newest seedings of carrots and spinach and beets and even pulled all the thistles out of the rows of potatos so now they have the illusion of being weed free (for a little while until they all come back…)

Well that’s it for this week.

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Danielle, Shenggang, Luke and Rachel.