Farm news, Aug 03/2017

We’ll have the following veggies this week:

lettuce, chard, kale, broccoli, celery, cucumber, zuccchini, onions, peppers, beans, potatos, carrots, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, parsley, cilantro, basil, scallions and hot peppers.

On the farm this week: 

Ok, when I said it was hawt before I was wrong.  Now it’s hawt!  We haven’t had to water for a while which has been nice, but this week we’re hooking back up all the sprinkler.  It’s funny though – no matter how hot it is, no one likes when you turn the sprinklers on when they’re working beside it.  It seems that every time I try to do something nice for people I get yelled at!

We got the onions weeded this week and I think we managed to weed more than the weeds grew this week, so we’re making progress!  The onions right now will be white sweet onions.

The cucumbers have exploded with this warm weather.  We’ve been picking a lot!  So it seems like summer is here now and the rest of the fruit – tomatos, and eggplant are hopefully not far behind!  Here’s Irina and Jaroslav picking cucumbers and zucchinnis.    I recommend onion and cucumber salad with some vinegar – Yummy!

We had another surprise visit this weekend from Shenggang who showed up saturday morning saying he came to get some exercise  and weeded the beans.  I don’t think he knows that if he had gone a little bit further he could have been at a beach – and I’m not going to tell him. 

The other thing that seems to like hot weather are cabbage moths and there’s lots out now, so we’ve covered the kale back up before it gets eaten.


That’s it for this week

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Jaroslav and Nicholas