Fresh Radish Salsa

Here is a delicious salsa recipe sent in from Karin Kliewer.
 I fried some pickerel and put it on a corn tortilla with the salsa, shredded cabbage (with lime juice and salt) and some yogurt. Some regular tomato salsa and/or avocados would also have been a nice garnish. We could have spiced it up some but kept it mild, as my two-year still is not a fan of spicy stuff.

4-5 big radishes, shredded

1/4 c cilantro, chopped

1/8 c scallions, minced

2 t sugar. The recipe called for mangoes, which would have been great. I also think shredded apples or diced pears would have been nice but we didn’t have either. The sugar just evened out the flavour a bit.

1 T olive oil

2T lime juice

Salt/pepper/chili powder to taste

We also had a separate bowl filled with shredded cabbage, 2T lime juice and salt to taste.