Farm News – June 24

We had a good first harvest on the farm last week, and this week we’ve been having just the right amount of sun and rain – so things are doing well!

This week in your box :  you will have choices from: Lettuce, spinach, turnip, radish, chard, kale,  bok choi, beet greens, dill, parsley, cilantro, basil, scallions, arugula, mizuna, kohlrabi, and broccoli.

Also, last week full shares were meant to get 1 lb of lettuce mix, but I had the wrong sign up at first and the first few people to pick up didn’t get the full amount.  If you didn’t get 1 lb, please come see me to get something extra this week.


On the farm this week:

Even though we’ve been blessed with few mosquitos this summer, last Tuesday Nicole showed up prepared for the worst  in her rain suit (Last summer she decided she prefers overheating  to mosquitos).  After looking at Nicole, I took a look around at the bizarre attire everyone else was wearing  and I thought I’d make this newsletter the ‘farm fashion edition’.

At the same time as we have Nicole sporting her jet black rain suit on a 25 degree sunny day,  Kendra, is all ready for winter  in her parka and ski pants.   (She’s washing the vegetable in cold water).  Then just a few feet away is Sarah, bare foot and in shorts and a t shirt and covered in mud. Between all of us, we’re ready for any weather – rain, snow or sun.





My fashion problem is that  everyone at the farm keeps telling me how much they dislike the green t-shirt that I wore to market last week.   I figure they just have bad taste, but to resolve the issue  I thought I’d take a vote: should I change my shirt -yes or no?

The first week of the Wolseley Farmers Market was quite a success also I thought.  There were lots of new vendors, so if you didn’t happen to take a look around, there is now bread everyday, as well as pastured meats and apple cider on thursdays and many locally made crafts and body products.  If you have been wondering what keeps our skin looking so healthy and vibrant  at the farm, it’s because we’ve all been using Wolseley Farmers Market body products.


That’s it for this week.   I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jonathan, Nicole, Sarah and Kendra.

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  1. Mashasha

    With moderate power comes moderate responsibility Jonathan!

  2. Jeope

    Don’t change the shirt. Hataz gonna hate!

  3. Sheri

    Beautiful broccoli, btw. 🙂

  4. Sheri

    If you want to look like a retired old fart, then I would say keep the shirt. Otherwise…

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