Farm news, June 18/2018

Here we go again, second week of harvest.  The first week went by so fast!

Veggies this week:

This week for CSA we will have: lettuce, spinach, chard/kale, radish/turnips, bok choi, broccolini, arugula/mizuna/mustard greens, dill, cilantro, green onions and pea shoots.  The broccolini is actually a gailon – chinese broccoli cross and is really sweet and not like rapini which it is often confused with.  It’s usually sauteed and eaten as a whole plant: stem and leaves and everything!

It will probably be a choice between  bok choi and chinese broccoli for half shares this week.   If it helps with the decision, we will have 1 or 2 weeks more of bok choi and about 10 weeks of broccoli throughout the summer.   If you’re not sure what to do with bok choi, my favorite way is to sauteed it quickly with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

Also, to answer some questions we’ve been getting: all the greens are washed and the best way to keep every vegetable is in a bag or sealed container in the fridge.  Having it in a sealed container keeps the humidity in and it’s lack of humidity that causes it to wilt.   The only thing I don’t keep in the fridge are tomatoes and squash.


On the farm this week:

I was just telling someone thursday at the market how we never get rained on at the market – if it’s raining then it stops as soon as we pull up and never starts until after we leave.  And then sure enough as soon as we left it started pouring.  More proof!  Although I now I remember that after I said that last year we got poured on the next day….

It was good to get some rain at the farm – that was only the second rain we’ve had this spring and it’s been hard to water because the bees keep drinking all the water!   This is  a plastic tube we use to water some things and it has holes that drip water out slowly  Water was going into the line, but I couldn’t figure out why the line was empty at the other end.  Then I found these guys on every hole sucking up all our water!  The garden is buzzing with lots of bees and it makes me happy to see them.   I think every zucchini flower I’ve looked and every pipe that has a leak is literally coated with bees.  But they’re very polite, whenever I pick up the pipe they’re coating they all just move out of the way and let me fix it.

Today after planting this weeks lettuce  we officially filled the garden with  – i.e we’re out of space to plant!  But thankfully next week we’ll have more space freed up what’s been harvested so we can keep planting in those spots.

Here’s Lance, Renae and Kelsey squatting while planting lettuce.   The other day I noticed Kelsey posture and told her she had a really nice squat and apparently that’s a weird thing to say to someone.?

That’s it for this week.

See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Lance, Kelsey and Renae