Farm News, June 17/2019

We will have the following veggies for CSA this week:

lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, radish/turnip(full shares), asparagus (half shares this time), bok choi, chinese cabbage, arugula, mustard greens, mizuna, broccollette, dill, cilantro, pea shoots and green onions.

Easton at plum ridge farm said he could provide enough asparagus for half shares now, so we decided to at that for half shares this week so they could get it too.  Here’s Irina in our herb patch that we’ll start cutting from this week:

On the farm this week:

It’s still kind of cool,  but it’s perfect weather for working in and everyone is so much happier on cooler overcast days.   And we actually had another frost last week – June 12th!  While harvesting Tuesday I checked the weather and couldn’t believe when it said risk of frost.  So after harvest we pulled some sprinkler lines out on the Tomatos and Peppers just to be safe and on Wednesday morning there was ice in the water lines.  Everything is ok though, but the said it’s not putting up with any more of this and threatened to die if it gets cold again.

We also almost had rain this weekend!  It was overcast and drizzling all day, but only added up to 10 mm.  When it’s raining is a great time to run the sprinklers, so I ran spinklers all weekend and the garden is pretty well watered now.  We still haven’t had rain yet this entire spring/summer; so rain you can come anytime now.

And Shenggang is back helping out a bit.  He’ll probably be coming to help out on Mondays.  He worked here around 3 years ago but since then we get him to come back at least once a year.  I still remember last year when he was digging a trench on Friday that didn’t get finished and when I woke up Saturday morning his car was in the driveway.  I walked around and found him back digging the trench because he wanted to finish it.  What a guy!

I’m also so amazed by everyone who got together to sew reusable bags.  Myriam wanted to organize a get together to sew reusable bags and brought all these to give away at our first CSA pick up last week.  She wanted to thank Susanne especially who made all these bags here and is a sewing machine!  They’re planning another get together and if you’re interested in donating old bed sheets or other materials or joining them there’ll be a sheet by the sign in sheet with the info for that.

Finally we had a major greenhouse repair day on Friday.  I had told Danielle if she should take the rest of the day off once the tomatoes were pruned.   Well I sure know how to set someone up for disappointment because when we got to the greenhouse the trellis had all broken and we ended up working overtime instead.

I thought I had come up with a good system to transfer all the weight of the tomatos to the base of the greenhouse so they don’t pull in the end walls.  And it was working pretty good until the weight snapped the lumber it was anchored too.  But it’s fixed and upgraded now and will hopefully work.  I also do unlicensed structural engineering on the side if anyone needs a bridge or something like that designed for cheap!

That’s it for now.  See you soon!

Jonathan, Sarah, Irina, Danielle, Nick and Shenggang