Farm news, June 13/2016

We will have the following veggies this week:

lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, komatsuna, bok choi, radish, hakurei turnips, asparagus, green onions, alfalfa sprouts.

The asparagus is from Bob and Betty at Plum ridge farm – the one’s who got me started farming at their place.   Every year I have to mention the hakurei turnips for all the new people.   They are so sweet and juicy and delicious you won’t even think they’re tunips.  I love to eat them just raw.

On the farm this week:

Another harvest begins!  I wouldn’t have minded another few months of winter and sleeping in, but oh well, here we go again!

We’ve got a some new people this year.  Sarah helped with planted in April and May, but is now getting ready for her 2nd bi annual walk to Mexico and there was no convincing her that it’s ok to just walk to Mexico one time.  But this year we’re lucky to  have Kristine, a veteran market gardener who just moved back from a farm she was working on in B.C and who you’ll probably see at the market.  I’m learning all the B.C growing secrets from her.  Apparently, the way they have crops in May in B.c is because they plant them in February… I didn’t know that’s all you had to do.  I’m going to do that!   We also have Shanggong ( I probably spelled that wrong) , an agronomist and entomolgist  who recently moved to Canada from China – There’s a free bunch of radish for anyone who pronounces his name correctly (I have yet to do so). He’s possibly the most knowledgeable person to ever work here -other than me of course 🙂 Featured in this picture holding up those delicious turnips is Shanggong and Jayme who’s helping out part time right now.  Jayme is a lawyer taking a sabbatical and thought the money would be better in market gardening.  I’m going to just let her keep thinking that for now…


Nicole will still be at the markets every Tuesday and Thursday and so you’ll all see her there.  I don’t have many pictures this week to choose from because I think it rained every day for the last month, but here’s a picture from the one day it didn’t rain a couple weeks ago with Kristine Hoeing peas in the background.


Other than that I look forward seeing everyone again and to meeing all the new people this week at the CSa pick up and market.

See you soon!

Jonathan, Shanggong( still spelled wrong), Kristine and Nicole and Jayme