Farm News July 4

We will have the following veggies this week:

lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, radish, turnip, sugar snap peas, broccoli, zucchini, kohlrabi, scallions, dil, cilantro.

Some people are asking about what to do with Kohlrabi, so here are some quick ideas:Kohlrabi is great sliced raw for salads or grated and made into slaw. It can be cooked like a potato, cut into chunks to be placed in soups.  I’ll also add a recipe for kohlrabi fries that are very delicious!

or pureed (Try it in cream of broccoli soup).

Also 1 cup of kohlrab contains:  19% of recommended, daily fibre, and 140% of

vitamin C.



On the farm this week

Pea picking has begun again!  Every year I ask myself if it’s possible to ask people to pick peas all day and have them still like me at the end of the day.   I’ve finally answered  that question:  donuts.  While you’re eating peas we’ll be eating donuts.

It looks like Shenggang was waving for help while being carried away by a wild animal in the peas today.  Now I know why he wasn’t around all afternoon!


We’ve got some new help also.  Kristine finished work at the end of June and now we have Irina who picks spinach faster than me already,  and for 2 weeks a volunteer from switzerland named Julia.  I’ve never had a volunteer before and suddenly this year a few people have asked to volunteer.  I always have ask to make sure I understand “so you want to work and not get paid?” Then I try and not sound to eager so I say something like “Um,  I’m not sure whether that would work for me, I’ll have to get back to you”.   We also have Sarah back for a week or so as she apparently hasn’t left on her walk yet.


Zucchinnis are in season now also, and hopefully our cucumbers will be ready soon also.  We’ve picked a few cucumbers and they’re mixed in the zucchinis, if you find a cucumber in the zucchini bin you get a free zucchinii!

That’s it for this week

See you soon!

Jonathan, Nicole, Shengagn, Sarah, Irina and Julia