Farm news

This week CSA’ers will be getting choices from:

Beans, potatoes, onions, cucumber, zucchini, celery, lettuce, beet greens, kale, chard, carrots, beets, dill, parsley, basil, hot peppers  and eggplant.  We are starting to harvest corn also, but there is a just a bit for this first week.

Also, Ellen pointed out that the wet and dry ingredients in her zucchini recipes got mixed up when copied them into the newsletter. So, she sent a new version and I have updated the Zucchini recipes.

There will still extra zucchini offered this week, as well as extra Kale.  We will have a couple bins of holy Kale.  If you don’t mind the fact that a worm was eating it earlier then help yourself.  Rip it up/blend it and freeze it in bags or ice cube trays for the winter.  Frozen Kale is great in lasagna, smoothies and many other things!

This week on the farm:

We getting into harvesting the heavy crops now – potatoes this week – and the bins are getting heavier and heavier to carry and Kitana and Nicole are becoming quite fond of showing off their bulging muscles.

Here we are digging our first row of potatoes this year, with some random chicken that just showed up out of the blue and started scarfing down earth worms.  I didn’t really realize how many earth worms we had until the chicken started eating them at a rate of about 1/second.  That’s going to be one sick chicken tonight.

Also, the youngest corn we left lying down last week has resurrected itself.  The older corn however did not manage to get itself back up, but is still doing fine anyways.

This week at the market:

Watersong farm (a.k.a the trout guy) will be coming Tuesday instead of Thursday this week.

There are also a couple workshops scheduled for this month: On Aug 16th expert composter Anna Weir will be doing a workshop on composting toilets and Aug 23 Rebecca Hiebert will be doing a workshop on storytelling.

That’s it for this week.  See you soon,

Jonathan, Nicole, Kitana