Farm news week 5

This week in your box: lettuce,  spinach or kale or chard, beets or turnips, zucchinis, peas, broccoli, dill or cilantro or basil,  radish or kohlrabi, scallions, and arugula.

There are more monster heads of broccoli this week, but it will be our last week of broccoli until the fall, so enjoy it.  Please let us know how you’ve found the amounts of broccoli this spring.  I hadn’t planned on the heads being so big when I planned on giving everyone so much.  Some heads are almost 2 lbs!   Take a look at some of the recipes we have for broccoli this week.  Also, you can try blanching it and freezing it for later:

This will probably also be the last week of peas, kohlrabi, and radish.

This week on the farm:  It’s been hot and we’re noticing how fast things are growing each day.  There is one cucumber that is almost ready to pick – we’re trying to decide who gets to eat it.

This weekend we also planted the fall cauliflower and the first round of fall broccoli.  We’re looking forward to 4 weeks from now when we will be all done planting for the season.    In this picture we’re planting lettuce where radish and arugula used to be.  Before tilling the radish I tried planting a green manure of buckwheat (which you see coming up)  to keep the ground covered until we plant the rest of it to lettuce.   Buckwheat is a very fast growing summer crop and good for smothering weeds and cycling phosphorous.

Sundays at the Farm:  We’re getting to the point in the season where we have extras and are inviting csa members to come out to the farm sundays to pick what is there.  Currently, the broccoli will start making lots of side shoots, the older spinach plantings  that we are not picking from anymore are still producing lots of nice spinach, and there are too many zuchinnis!  So, if you want to  come out and stock up for the winter before we till it in, you’re welcome to.

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  1. Mariah

    The size and quantity of broccoli has been excellent! It’s one of my toddler’s favourite vegetables.

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