Farm News June 23

This week we will have the following veggies:

Broccoli, Gailon,  kohlrabi, radish, turnips, green onions, dill, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, spinach, arugula, mizuna and pea shoots.

Try the pea shoots in your salad or one of the recipes I’ve posted.  Gailon/Chinese broccoli is similar to broccoli in taste, but you usually fry up the whole plant – leaves and all.  It is sweet and tasty and this is the only time we plan to have it this year.  Also, if you’re wondering what Kevin’s biceps are made out of – they’re 98% Gailon.


On The farm

I engaged in my favorite Sunday past time (digging drains), again.   This rain is getting a bit ridiculous as we just had another good downpour today and once again I’m off to engage in my favorite Sunday past time.

Last week we got lots of helpful suggestions for bug repellants that we will now be trying out.  One is to rub basil all over our body and another is to rub citrus peels all over our body (I’m starting to wonder if people are just making things up to get us to rub ridiculous things on our body).  Also, the  Macbeath family gave us a can of neem oil based mosquito repellant.    This week we tried the Neem oil.  Devin seemed to think it worked pretty well but that it needs to be reapplied regularly.  I can’t tell because I wear a mosquito net suit most of  the time (mostly just because I look so good in it).  Next week we’ll try the basil or citrus.   I’ll soon be marketing an underarm deodorant that repels bugs and will be made out of basil, orange peel, garlic and underarm sweat.  Look for it soon at the market!

The most exciting thing for me this week was my success harvesting lettuce mix.  Every year I make an unsuccessful attempt to save time by bandsawing 10 rows of lettuce mix at once. Past years I’ve given up pretty quickly.  This time I spent a long time sharpening my bandsaw and succesfully harvested 100 lbs of lettuce with it on Thursday without much problems.