Why Choose Jonathan’s

The vegetables we grow for you are the freshest you can get ­­— they are delivered within one day of being harvested.

You will receive a wide variety of vegetables you might not always find at the store to broaden your culinary horizons.

Weekly newsletters will tell you about the harvest that week and connect you with other members with whom you can share recipes and ideas.

You are always welcome to share any questions or concerns, come visit the farm and even get your hands dirty if you are so inclined.


Jonathan’s Farm vegetables were the best vegetables our family has ever eaten! They reminded me of when I was growing up on a farm.  Hurray for Jonathan and his fabulous vegetables! 
–S. and W. Bonness

…hands down, some of the best vegetables I have ever had. Not only was the quality fantastic, the variety of vegetables was great too. I received some things I would have never gotten on my own and to top it all off, the garlic was absolutely amazing!                                             – S. Sidhu

Participating in Jonathan’s Farm is a delicious experience! The newsletters kept us connected with the ups and downs of farm life and deepened our appreciation of what it takes to get food to the table. Excellent value and top marks for quality.
–Ken MacDonald

We really value eating fresh local seasonal produce, and this stuff is terrific…the broccoli is unbelievably tender and tasty. This will be our 8th year with Jonathan and we love the CSA model. It’s delicious, convenient and a great value. If I can’t grow my own food, I am very glad to know the fellow who does.
–K. Newman

Jonathan’s CSA went above and beyond my expectations…Well organised, flexible, excellent value and a huge variety of beutiful vegetables.  With Jonathan’s humour, pick up day will quickly become your favourite weekly activity.  I recommend Jonathan’s CSA to everyone!
–Maria K. & Sean F.

The veggies were so fresh, and green, and delicious.. I also got to try so many vegetables that I never had tried before!  I began to look forward to picking up my share every week simply for the experience. Thanks Jonathan!
–S. Smith

Fresh, fragrant, crispy, and savoury. We have loved every bit of food (especially the brussel sprouts) over the last 4 years. Thanks for extending the season. Amazing to be eating local organic carrots in February. Crunch crunch. We’ll be munching on fresh delectables at the market this year. Thanks for setting that up.
–Julie, Zev, Olive and Leila

The quality of the leafy greens and the yellow zucchini are out of this world. Just way better than in stores. I like the options and variety.                                                                                                       – C. Wiebe


I first signed up with Jonathan Stevens’ Community Shared Agriculture Program three years ago. For 18 weeks each growing season, I thoroughly enjoy the fresh vegetables that are free of chemicals, and I know they are highly nutritious. I am on a raw vegan diet, the freshness and variety of Jonathan’s  vegetables are important to me.    –Irene

Every week I look forward to when we get to pick up our veggies from Jonathan! It’s a nice routine, a quick stop for some veggies and mingling with friendly people…. We get more creative and enthusiastic about meal planning….I can’t wait for more fresh veggies & herbs from Jonathan’s Farm!
–Nicole R & Ken D

Every week was a delightful surprise, and we always looked forward to visiting with Jonathan at the Wolseley Farmer’s Market as he encourages feedback and invites suggestions. Our CSA experience was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to another year with Jonathan’s Farm!
–Caroline Fisher and Josh Markham

Picking up my produce has become one of the highlights of my week. The variety of produce is great and I love those little surprises when Jonathan brings us something I’ve never seen or heard of before. It’s always a plus when healthy and fun go hand in hand.
–B. Patterson

Jonathan’s Farm provided my household with excellent quality vegetables at a great price.  My favourite aspect was the atmosphere – It was a pleasure to interact with the hard working people who had grown the food and it felt like a healthy community was being built.
–F. Aweyden

If you are concerned about issues such as food security, food sovereignty, and food justice, then one of the best ways to address these issues is to join a community shared agriculture (CSA) group.

After eating Jonathan’s wonderful vegetables for 5 months it’s been hard to go back to regular grocery store produce…I can’t wait to start again!
–E. Schellenberg

I Love not having to think about what veggies to pick up at the store….Great newsletter with new recipes…Vegetables are so fresh and keep great!  –A. Devries

This was our first time participating in a farmshare, and we loved it. It was fun to arrive at the pick up location and discover what our ‘haul’ was for that week.
–G. Dueck

The best organic vegetables are from Jonathansfarm: Always a great variety of vegetables at the peak of freshness.
–R. Mazur

Best tomatoes EVER!
–J. + L. Lafortune

Jonathan’s Farm CSA provides me with locally produced fresh vegetables at a reasonable cost…I was amazed by the large selection of vegetables and herbs.
–B. Andres

I really liked that the the pick up site is friendly and that I would run into people I know. And needless to say the high quality and flavour and goodness of the food was/is very evident…lots of variety and a full share split between myself and my roomate was/is plenty of food. I am really grateful to be part of Jonathan’s farm
–M. Zdrill

I was totally impressed with the selection, amount and high quality of the produce we received from Jonathan’s Farm. I will definitely be a repeat customer this season!
–J. Finlay

Joining Jonathan’s CSA was an ideal way to get fresh produce at an affordable price. I shared a full share with a friend it was a fun weekly ritual to chat and divide up the vegetables so that we each got what we wanted for the week. There was a lot of variety in the selection of vegetables I could choose from and I loved experimenting with them in new recipes. I definitely recommend Jonathan’s CSA to all my friends!
–R. Hiebert

Great veggies, great people, friendly service                                                                                                         – L. Staschik