CSA Info & Sign up

How to Sign Up

Click here to fill out a 2019 CSA sign up

Please Note that Sign Up forms will only be processed once payment has been received.  You may pay the full amount at once, or send in a deposit of $50 plus 2 post dated cheques (dated May 1 and June 1) totalling to the remainder of your chosen share’s price.

Payment methods:

1. Pay by cheque: Please make sure to include the name of the person whom the share is for on or with your cheque.(See below for cheque payment details.)
2. Pay by email money transfer: Send full payment by email money transfer to: jonathansfarm@gmail.com
3. Other payment methods: Contact me at jonathansfarm@gmail.com if you would like to pay another way.

Please make cheques payable to
Jonathan’s Farm ltd.
700 Mchillips road
St Andrews, Mb
R1A 3H2

What is a CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a model of food distribution that creates a personal connection between the customer and the farmer. Instead of purchasing vegetables from a store, you hire a farmer to grow your vegetables for you. In the winter/spring you purchase a share from the farm, and during the summer and fall you receive weekly selection of fresh vegetables.
Pre-purchasing your vegetables supports local farming by creating a dependable market to plan for. You are also sharing in the risk of farming: depending on the year, some crops might not do as well as others.

2019 Summer CSA Options & Pricing

CSA members can choose from 2 share sizes: The Full share and the Half share. They can also choose between a duration of 15 or 18 weeks. On average, the full share feeds 3-4 people and the half share feeds 1-2 people.
You have the option to change your share size during the summer. Please provide 2 weeks notice if you wish to make a change.

2 week extension

Once the last regular season pick up is finished in Oct, we offer a 2 additional week extension for $50 for the last 2 weeks of October.  These 2 pick ups will be on Tuesday only but are available to both half share and full shares.  There is separate sign up form for this and you can sign up anytime until Sept or until we are sold out.

Early bird price
(before April 1)

Regular price
(after April 1)

15 wk

       18 wk

15 wk

18 wk











What vegetables will I receive?

The weekly selection varies depending on what’s in season, with 8-12 of the following vegetables offered each week for full share and 6 – 12 for half share:
Arugula, Basil, Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Chard, Cilantro, Corn, Cucumbers, Dill, Eggplant, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Onions, Parsley, Peas, Peppers, Potatoes, Radish, Spinach, Squash, Tomatoes, Turnips, Zucchini.


CSA members can expect to receive 15-20% more vegetables over the season than they would receive at our farmers market prices.

At the CSA pick up we have one person working at the CSA table and one at the market.  The market table is set up to display the veggies we have that week whereas the CSA table is set up to be more convenient for CSA members to pick up.

There are sometimes differences in what you find each week at the market and in the CSA.  For example, we will plan to bring a few cabbages to market each week, but not for CSA each week( because no one wants a cabbage every week).  Also because the amount of CSA customers is much larger than our market customers, when a new crop is just starting to produce and we have a small amount ready to harvest but not enough for the CSA we often bring it to the market  and wait a week until there’s more to harvest for the CSA.  

 Pick-up Locations and Times

CSA Pick ups are held on the farm at 700 McPhillips Road and at the Wolseley Farmers’ Market at Robert A. Steen Community Centre (980 Palmerston Ave.)  Full-share pick ups are on Tuesdays and half-share pick ups are on Thursdays and both picks up are from 3:00 – 7 pm at the Wolseley market and from 2 pm – 9 pm at the farm.

2019 Pick up dates

Pick ups are tentatively planned to begin June 11 for full shares and June 13 for half shares.  The 15 week option will finish Sept 08 for full shares and Sept 10 for half shares.  The 18 week option will finish Oct 8 for full shares and oct 10 for half shares.

The 2 week extension will take place Oct 15 and Oct 22 for both full and half shares (1 size) .


The Difference between picking up at the farm and the market

At the Wolseley market the vegetables are set up in  a row on tables and you are offered some choice between the vegetables you take.  For example you might choose one or 2 of the leafy green selections, or you can mix and match your root veggies.   At the farm pick up, each share is packed for you (ie. we choose the vegetables) and is left in a bin for you in our wash house.

What to do I do if I can’t make my pick up or miss a pick up?

If you can’t make a pick up we ask that you send someone in your place to pick up for you.  If you forget and want to make up a missed a pick up we ask that you come between 630-7  on another pick up day (either Tuesday or Thursday) and we’ll make sure you get plenty of veggies.

Because Half shares and Full shares are different harvest and we only harvest enough for the people picking up we can’t accommodate half shares picking up on Tuesday or Full shares picking up on Thursday


Pick up locations:

Jonathan’s Farm: 700 Mcphillips road, St. Andrews, Mb, R1A 3H2

Wolseley Farmers Market: